What we do. Our process

From vision
to practice

Our structured and multidisciplinary process is set to put our clients on the right path to success. We implement strategic design thinking, business innovation, user oriented research and state of the art product design that enables us to offer a holistic, end-to-end design process.


The Spark

Initial idea and POC

The first time you use a new technology is always an exciting moment; we help our clients to evaluate the opportunities of their technology and to create magic.

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Research & configuration

Understanding the user’s needs and behavior is fundamental to creating a solution that ultimately resonates with them. We perform extensive observations and in depth interviews with our users.
This phase is defined by data gathering, analysis and insight development across key areas including the user, the usage environment, the market and new trends and technologies. Those insights enable us to explore the boundaries of the project and lay strong foundations for the design and the development.

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Design & develop

We lever the learning and the analysis from the framing phase to develop mind blowing design concepts that explore the visual content of the product and define it’s visual DNA. We use traditional sketching and modeling and the latest CAD tools and 3D printers to present our comprehensive vision to our clients.

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Plan & manufacture

The implementation phase is focused on translating the approved product design into a fully functional prototype and a mass produced product. We assist our clients to work in a proper manner with their engineering and manufacturing partners and make sure the design is being implemented in the most accurate way.


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