User research – How and why

By Dorit Provizor, research expert @ Prime

At the beginning of each project, before jumping into the design phase, it is important to begin research. Research is the foundation of every successful product!

We start with market research:

First of all, we look at who our competitors, direct and indirect- what are their advantages and disadvantages?
What relevant technical solutions do they offer?
How do they operate?
Analyze the look & feel of the products, go through user reviews and understand what their good points are and what their pain points are.

That way we understand our target audience, what it is used to and where it aims. We always strive to put the user at the center and think about his benefits.

At the same time, we are exploring the experience of using products from parallel worlds, this is an integral part of product success and satisfied users. We look at how many operational steps they require and how to optimize, analyze their interface and understand the weaknesses and strengths and how to best apply it to our product.

Then, for user research, we create questionnaires and reference points, interview and photograph users and make observations.

We analyze their answers and examine them – from gestures to facial expressions. This is how we extract very important insights into users’ needs from our future product.

User research can happen at the beginning of the process and also at more advanced stages where you can already try advanced ideas with them and get feedback further down the road.

Research is the best way to create guidelines for the next steps in the process. Both in terms of use and in terms of design.

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