5 New trends that we are going to see in 2016.

The new year always brings up big things and CES is one of those events that puts it all together.

As the connected era is progressing and more and more devices and services are engaging, big and small brands are looking to find their differentiation in the super crowded consumer electronics market.

Their unique added value can come from various strategies and approaches, but the successful and leading brands have understood that they must provide the full package and deliver their customers a full eco-system which is built from 4 elements: product, app, service and a strong content that will bind it all together. here are 5 trends that are going to make a difference during 2016

1.content, content, content

Technology is a key for creating a unique experience and we have seen how screens get bigger and sharper, got a glimpse into the future of the VR goggles and even saw semi transparent displays. CES 2016 was the first time that the we saw how outstanding content brings great value to the company and the big players were the first to implement. Panasonic has showcased an amazing digital retail experience: the technology was amazing but without a strong use case and a mindful content it wouldn’t have been the same..

2.Personal 3D experiences

In continuance to the “Dynamic video conference” trend from 2015, we can see that in CES 2016 the VR is continuity trend to the content that was developed in the past year and not just another cool gadget standing near the large 4K screens, this year it jumped into the spotlight and becoming one of the main presentation tools.

The VR goggles are here to stay and it’s not a two-minute trend, with the new understanding of the need for develop content into the VR world we can now see that even small companies that once had presented their content on large flat screen allowing multiple people to share an experience together, now it’s more as personal 3D,360 degrees, experience that customize by an individual user.

The VR future has just begun, we going to see that phenomenon emerge and inserting into more areas like flights, school and   

3.Gold is the new black  

No doubt it’s going to be a golden year; for the past few years the consumer electronic market is shifting from geek to chic, developing more and more wearables, IoT and lifestyle tech for the mass market that seek to blend all of that cool electronics in their every daily lifestyle.

The new electronic gadgets are not only for early adopters and geeks; They are for hipsters, fusionists and moms that seek to have a new connected jewelry to help them manage their daily routine. As part of this new shift we can see also a movement within the CMF (color, material and finish) that becomes more prestige and luxurious than ever. Gold finish in different variations gives new products a mature, and jewelish look and feel.

4.From strong and bright to two-tone

The gold fever that is flashing the consumer electronics market, but when it comes to color we saw another prominent trend: the two tone. Most of the brands, small as big, have been showing two tone color pallets; dark gray that comes with strong gray or a bright pink that comes along with darker tone of the color. The two tone trend is completely aligned with the minimalist design approach and the understanding that our users are looking to blend their products with their lifestyle.

5.Triangular patterns

The jewelry tech movement brought with it many elements from the worlds of craft and geometry, from the CMF perspective to the fine and delicate details that come from the traditional handcraft industry. Tech companies that work on mass volume and try to mimic the traditional industry by creating what we call “digital craft”. One of the most distinctive “digital craft” design elements is its CAD generated patterns that provide the techy gadgets the look and feel of hand crafted goods. We are going to see more and more triangular and polygonal patterns that are about to cover our products and make them look more like a jewelish object of desire and less like a plastic gadget.
This year’s “secret sauce” is a fascinating combination between simple, minimalist forms to hi-end and luxurious CMF, geometric patterns and restrained color palettes, and if you want your product to be aligned with the leading brands of the consumer market that’s the path to follow  

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