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Prime is an award winning product design & development boutique specializing in tech-consumer products.

From its inception, prime has been working on visualizing innovation, creating first time experiences and developing revolutionary design concepts. We aim ourselves and our partners to challenge existing conventions and technologies and assist them to make the right decisions for their brand and their business.


Our team

  • David Keller

    Managing Partner/Co-Founder

  • Omri Barzeev

    Creative director/Co-Founder

  • Etay Amir


  • Aviv Grinboim

    Head of R&D

  • Moti Barzilay

    General Manager Prime UK

  • Boaz Zemer

    Lead Designer

  • Elad Yanay

    Lead Designer

  • Carla Rataus

    Design Researcher

  • Dorit Provizor

    Industrial designer

  • Shir Hechter

    Industrial designer

  • Eitan Galon

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Sasha Leikin

    Industrial designer

  • Elad Mordehay

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Gil Burstein

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Yonathan Uzan

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Nadia Meerson

    Administrative Manager

Prizes and

  • Apr 2018

    Reddot design award for Wi-Charge

    Wi-Charge’s LIGHTS Transmitter received the “Red Dot” distinction in the international Red Dot Awards. A panel of experts awards the internationally recognized seal of quality only to products that win them over with their high design quality

  • Jan 2018

    CES innovation award for Wi-Charge

    Wi-Charge has won the CES 2018 Innovation Award in the Smart Energy Product category, and will demonstrate its technology in this year’s event.

  • Dec 2017

    CES innovation award for Innoviz Pro

    Innoviz Technologies, a leading provider of LiDAR sensing solutions, announced today that is has won the CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree recognition in the Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology category for its groundbreaking InnovizPro™ High Definition Solid State LiDAR. Products recognized for this honor on one of technology’s most exclusive lists meet the highest standards for outstanding product design and engineering as judged by a panel of highly respected experts in their field

  • Aug 2016

    Good design award for the design of the Connex Mini for Amimon

    Prime was rewarded the Good design award for the design of the Connex Mini wireless HD video transmitter for Amimon.

  • Jun 2015

    A' design award for the design of the BIRD for MUV interactive

    The silver A’ design award was awarded to product design for the design and development of the BIRD wearable input device for MUV interactive

  • Jul 2014

    Globes has featured Prime in its printed and digital editions

    Israel leading business website features our studio’s projects and uncovers our design process.

  • Sep 2014

    Prime was participating at the IoT panel at the Geektime conference

    Internet of Things is one of the hottest areas in the world now. Our creative director took part in a special panel that was held at the Geektime Conference and discussed trends, opportunities and future developments in field of consumer IoT.

  • Jul 2014

    Sensibo is fully funded

    Sensibo doubles its goal at Indiegogo and reaches 180K to make any air conditioner smart.

  • Jun 2014

    SCiO reaches 2.75 million dollars on Kickstarter

    SCiO raises 2.75M dollars on Kickstarter to become the most funded Israeli company ever.

  • Apr 2013

    Red Dot design award for the design of the Smartype for keyview

    Prime was rewarded the Red Dot design award with honorable mention for the design of the smartype for keyview. Red Dot stands for belonging to the best in design and business. Excellent design is selected by competent expert juries in the areas of product design, communication design, and design concepts.

  • Feb 2013

    iF design award for the design of the Smartype for keyview

    First iF design award for Prime, granted for the design of the “Smartype” keyboard. Since 1953 iF has been a capable and reputable provider of design services at the interface of design and economy. iF takes great care in extending the communication network that it has built through its design-oriented activities over the years.

  • Aug 2012

    Keyview smartype on Time digital edition

    Time magazine’s digital edition features our design for keyview’s “smartype” keyboard and discusses the future of smart input devices.




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