Sensibo Sky

Sensibo Sky is the 2nd generation we design for the Sensibo brand. It lets you control your A/C from anywhere, whether you’re at work, on your way home or anywhere else in the world – control of your A/C is at your fingertips. Using Sensibo’s intuitive app you can monitor and modify your settings immediately.

The Challenge

The Sensibo generation 2 had two major challenges the first one was to ,continue Sensibo design values of simplicity, prestige and its intuitive usage scenario.

The second challenge was all about creating state of the art mechanical design that doesn’t require any screws in the assembly line in order to make the production line as simple and economy as possible. 


The Sensibo Sky tow tone simple and iconic form enables the user to put in anywhere he wants in the room. While the Sensibo sky can be easily mount by glue or one screw , the Mechanical design and its assembly enables the company to sale the device in competitive price point.

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