Oggii has developed a unique, non-invasive, coin sized and collar mounted device detecting various kinds of medical conditions and health problems in dogs, from ear infections to ticks, joint inflammation, seizures, eating behavior, diabetes complications, obesity complications, skin allergies, forbidden movements or even changes in routine or activity levels. oggii optimizes dog’s activity levels, from walking to running to playing, customizing their diet, ensuring complete and personalized nutrition and healthy weight and enabling owners to prevent and treat dog’s conditions as early as possible.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to design an iconic and rigid activity tag while taking into consideration strict BOM requirements and extreme usage scenario. We were focused on simplifying the tag mounting scenario and providing the users with a peace of mind.

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Oggii’s tracker’s design was inspired by the strong and powerful lines of a shield. The product offers an intuitive mounting experience and UX and a super simple structure in terms of BOM and assembly.

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