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redefining healthcare

Healthy.IO is changing lives through early detection. The company is the category creator of smartphone urinalysis offering the only FDA-cleared and CE-approved home urine test equivalent to lab-based devices.

Design approach

Trial and error all way long

Exploring various unboxing and onboarding physical usage scenarios helped us to discover the best possible solution. User testing sessions have helped us to validate our design assumptions and help our client to be confident with the kit’s performance. Another challenge we’ve faced was around the urine cup which we’ve managed to solve using collapsible PET concept.

Mechanical design

design research

solving the usability puzzle

Discovering and validating the usability challenges around the urinalysis kit was a very challenging task. Our goal was to reach an FDA, full-proof kit that helps the users to perform the test without any mistakes. We used iterative trial and error process and managed to map and de-risk the test.


Making healthcare friendly

The on-boarding and UX of the kit were set to put the user in a state of mind in which his perception of the process is positive. We chose to use flat design language and make everything as clear and transparent as possible.


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