Design strategy / Brand DNA / Mechanical design


Visual IoT sensor

Emza has been developing a state of the art camera based sensors that excel in their efficiency, ultra low power and low cost. Emza’s sensor provide fundamental building blocks for the IoT industry integrating algorithms with custom made CMOS sensors and extremely lean processors yields a sub 1mW, coin-sized IoT sensor, that can detect and classify humans, count people, perform queue monitoring and describe the observed activity.

Design approach

A camera that doesn't look like one

Emza’s goal was to create a camera based occupancy monitoring device that doesn’t look, feel or perceived to be a camera. we’ve managed to offer a design approach that creates a device that conceals the optical features and provides the users with the sense of privacy and peace of mind.

Mechanical design

Simple design for a simple product

Our goal was to create the most simple mechanical solution for the device, making it affordable and manufacturing friendly.


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