Amimon Connex

Amimon is set to become a leading player in the communication professional-consumer market and position itself as a high end supplier of wireless video link hardware.During the last years Amimon have been transforming itself from being an OEM B2B company that was selling its technology to broadcast industry leaders into a leading broadcast consumer brand.

The challenge

To facilitate design guidelines and visual DNA to a
company that is set to disrupt the HD video link market,
develop a new product line and position itself as a
hi-end product manufacturer. Amimons first product,
the Connex, had to comply to strict mechanical and
regulatory requirements, while offering seamless usage
experience and extraordinary design.

Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration


The Connex has been designed as a strong and powerful icon. Choosing machined aluminum as the manufacturing technology enabled us to create it’s rigid and powerfull lines and lay the visual and emotional foundations to the whole Amimon product line.

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