Product, Design, Technology – issue #61

Product, Design, Technology - issue #61

The syringe pump; A global epidemic

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At the beginning of the Corona crisis, we issued a call to medical teams to tell us what they needed to fight the plague and promised to help.
We quickly realized that while the main focus was on respirators, we discovered that every patient who is under anesthesia requires five syringe pumps that allow injectable anesthetics, drugs, and substances to control blood pressure and maintain the critical metrics of the respirator. Due to the global epidemic, there is a significant shortage of these types of products, and it is almost impossible to obtain them in the market.

We joined Dr. Karina Glick, Director of the Corona Department at Assuta Ashdod and her colleagues Dr. Yuval Glick and Dr. Ami Mayo, together with whom we understood the pain and need and characterized the solution.

The process involved research, characterization, design, engineering, electronics, parts manufacturing, assembly, and of course, quality and precision testing at the highest levels.

During the process, we faced 3 critical challenges:
1. Develop a product that usually takes two years in two weeks.
2. Validate the product, and it’s functioning.
3. Produce a large number of units locally.

After we characterized it, we realized that only one syringe is necessary. This simplifies the mechanism and requirements that the product must meet. We set up a test set in less than a week, the product met all the parameters perfectly, conveniently operated, and included all the safety solutions expected from a life-saving product. From that moment we tried to understand how we can produce 1000 units in a month and 5000 units in 3 months. The option of overseas production was almost impossible, so we established relationships with local suppliers.
The product is 100% produced in Israel and helps the local industry recover from the severe economic crisis.

The product has two significant advantages:
1. Cheaper than what is available in the market
2. Quick alternative

We are proud of all the staff of the studio who worked many days around the clock in the hope of saving lives and contribute to the fight against the Coronavirus.

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