Product, Design, Technology – issue #60

Product, Design, Technology - issue #60

Hub Security; 100% digital wallet

prime original




Storing and protecting large amounts of cryptocurrency are becoming a real challenge as digital and physical cyberattacks expose the currency holders to various hazards.
Hub Security offers cryptocurrency holders the first 100% digital wallet that provides them with real safety and peace of mind.

During our design and development process, we established leading values that guided us throughout the process. Our users are seeking for the ultimate secure solution for their digital coins. Therefore our first value was secure. The wallet should feel it is 100% protected and that no one can break into it, we wanted to give our future users the feeling they are in a secure environment and getting a sense of assurance while using the wallet. The second value was intuitive, offering simplicity on the user’s side, while the device deals with the complex side.
The third was premium, quality in design, and materials will automatically reflect on the users’ positive feelings towards the product. Also, a compact design that would fit into our user pocket, like a real wallet.

And last, A highly technological device requires a digital look to connect it to the usage scenario, and it’s pair device.

Our inspiration; products and things we love and appreciate

prime original


Our inspirations were from noticeable and robust products, with sleek and urban look & feel.

Six seesaws designed outside of the playground

Kristine Klein



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