Product, Design, Technology – issue #59

Product, Design, Technology - issue #59

Ola; Intelligent security

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The need for an extra pair of eyes looking out for our loved ones, homes, and businesses will always be relevant for our security feeling and peace of mind. There are many security cameras out there, but none of the options are quite like Ola.

Ola is a smart, personalized security learning camera, provides only meaningful alerts and immediate answers rather than raise additional questions. It has an AI that, over time, learns its user and his habits.
Ask Ola a question and get a video as an answer, and it happens immediately.

Our mission was to develop and define the design language for Ola. In every project, the design needs to reflect the product values, look & feel, and fit into our user’s lifestyle.

Ola has a premium appearance but also a friendly vibe. Our purpose was to give Ola a character, that it would feel like a personal assist rather than another security camera.

The biggest challenge was to design a high-end looking product while switching quickly between two situations.
A robust camera that can easily endure the outdoor weather like snow and rain but also a design that will fit into the living room shelf and home environment with an emphasis on how to cover the speaker most aesthetically in both cases.

Our inspiration; products and things we love and appreciate

prime original


We searched for premium products with a friendly character. A design that our users will have an immediate connection and a secure feeling.

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