Product, Design, Technology – issue #58

Product, Design, Technology - issue #58

Nina; A new drinking experience

prime original



In this issue, we are very excited to share our design for Nina’s product!
Nina developed the first IoT beverage pourer, allowing real-time consumption and monitoring. Nina creates more fun, intuitive, and profitable approach to consumers.
The technology allows entertainment and tourism venues self-serving alcohol of various types by guests without the need of a waiter or bartender: the device measures precisely the amount of liquor blended and charges the customer’s account at the appropriate price.
In the new IoT era, data is the main thing. Nina’s pourer consistently provides information on the quantities of beverages, types of drinks, and customers’ tendency to prefer different drinks in additional contexts.

We wanted to create an iconic design with the ability to attached to as many types of bottles as possible! A configuration with plug & play installation and the smallest footprint possible.

During the design and development, technical challenges such as flow monitoring and the lock mechanism have become beautiful design features that made the product unique and sophisticated.
Also, in the development phase, we wanted a minimal number of parts that will ensure a long life span for the product.

Our inspiration; products and things we love and appreciate

Prime original

In this project, we were inspired by simple forms with two tones, colors, and, cool patterns to reach a modern and elegant look.

Layer designs Bang & Olufsen speaker that “visually describes how the audio functions”

Rima Sabina Aouf

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