Product, Design, Technology – issue #56

Product, Design, Technology - issue #56

Aegle; Your nutrition keeper

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Aegle bottle is a full product ecosystem that can monitor, manage, and bring a unique way to consume supplements, with a combination between a mobile app and a capsule services.
Aegle users split into three segments: from those aware of their nutrition, maintaining a healthy lifestyle to the extreme users that want to maximize their performance, and to users who consume supplements due to a medical condition.

With the help of a mobile app, a notification will alert when a capsule needs to consume. Or the user will choose one upon his sport activity.
In the product design process, our core values were:
Simplicity, a design that emphasizes the simple monitoring of everyday supplements.
Empowerment, Knowledge is power. The product should highlight user control over his healthy and less healthy habits.
Elegant, a sleek and well-taken care product with Prestige and desirable look.
Portable, The product should feel light and compact that our users will want to take everywhere.
Our main challenge was to reflect all the above both from its appearance and usage scenario.

In this blog post, we give you a glimpse of our design process, with several options in addition to the chosen concept.

Our inspiration; products and things we love and appreciate

prime original


One of our main goals was to create a clean and dynamic design; we searched for inspiration in modern and simple products that our users can take anywhere – indoor and outdoor.

Camille Walala decorates “kids’ dream house” with more than two million Lego pieces

Jennifer Hahn

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