Product, Design, Technology – issue #55

Reflect; Keep calm & Relax

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Reflect offers a new way to manage stress and find calm in your day. It’s a portable, interactive, and smart textile product that utilizes biofeedback to help users practice relaxation and reduce anxiety. Reflect invites its users to take a break in their hectic lifestyle and catch a few minutes for themselves.

When designing a product with significant & frequent interaction with the user, both physically and spiritually, there are many aspects that we needed to consider.
We started by establishing the base in terms of shape, size, and weight, as well as define our users and values that directed us in the design stage.

We examined multiple shapes and eventually chose an iconic and memorable ball shape with a straight bottom.

The ball configuration is comfortable and intuitive for all hands sizes; Its rounded shape supports an intimate feeling that is crucial for this type of product. One of our insights were that it’s essential to create clear marks for finger placements.

For a product ecosystem, it’s vital to find the most suitable materials and colors that will create the ultimate user experience.
Users can interact with reflect’s ball via an app, where they can control session type, duration, and different gestures.
We also conducted interviews with potential users to understand the design, usage scenario, and app delight and pain points; this is a great way to understand your product market and potential fully.

Our inspiration; products and things we love and appreciate

prime original

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Natashah Hitti

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