Product, Design, Technology – Issue #53

Motionize; Revolutionize your training

prime original

Motionize product helps amateur and professional kayakers to monitor their paddling and improve their performance in real-time.
Our challenge was to develop a robust and durable system that will fit a variety of smartphones, kayaks, and paddles while standing in strict BOM and standardization spec.

In every project, we put our users first and define a few guidelines to ensure the best user experience, such as:
– No distractions – Minimum interactions with the system.
– Safety first – Always be prepared for what the weather and the sea may throw over.
– Communal activity – Support the community and not interfere with the established social behavior.
– Portable – quickly moved from one kayak to another.

Also, before every design process, we set several values for our future product.
For Motionize product, we set the following:
1. Simple – it needs to be easy to use, immediate to understand.
2. Dynamic- a product that Encompasses movement, speed, and power.
3. Durable-Safe and rigid device. It should create trust and provide peace of mind.
4. Pro – Looks and feels 100% professional in every possible aspect. The details are the key.


Our inspiration; products and things we love and appreciate

Prime original


For inspiration, we love choosing surprising personas that will motivate us. For this project, we looked at the whale, and the shark, both of them are fast and dynamic, but each of them embody a different shape and state of mind. 


Rain-harvesting panels would let people in drought-stricken cities catch their own water

Rima Sabina Aouf  


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