Product, Design, Technology – Issue #50

Akita; Packaging design 

prime original

When designing a package, it’s essential to establish a few design guidelines and a clear vision.

In Akita’s package, we wanted to emphasize the device first, and the accessories later. Our users out of the box experience is a significant aspect when approaching package design. The package allows an easy to reach way and creates a magic moment when seeing the device for the first time. Akita’s diagonal form stands out when opening the cover, while the other components are seamless and located underneath. Our package needed to be rigid enough to safeguard the device and all the other components. Another value that guided us was allowing maximum components in minimum size, to keep it as lightweight and portable as possible — providing the user with a quick and intuitive understanding of all the device parts and their location inside the package.



Our inspiration; products and things we love and appreciate

Prime original

Our inspirations for Akita’s package were clean and straightforward designs with an elegant and sophisticated look.


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kieron marchese


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