Product, Design, Technology – Issue #48

Nutrino; Find out which food love you back

prime original

Nutrino is set to redefine the way we eat and assist us in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We each have a unique fingerprint, and we also have our FoodPrint. FoodPrint is a digital signature of how our body reacts to different foods.
Nutrino has developed the “foodprint” – A nutrition-related platform, which provides data services, analytics, and medical data like glucose, insulin, and even DNA.

Our challenge was to design and develop the optimal packaging configuration. A package that will be modular to fit several components each time and will give our user an intuitive and exciting unboxing experience.

Our inspiration; products and things we love and appreciate

Prime original

Medical packaging is more relevant than ever. We analyzed colors, shapes, and unboxing experience.


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Juliana Neira


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