Product, Design, Technology – Issue #47

Bitbite; Healthy eating habits 

prime original

BitBite is a revolutionary wearable device meant to track, analyze, and change the way we eat.
The earpiece connects wirelessly to the smartphone or wearable device and delivers eating-pattern analysis in real-time. By tracking eating sounds, the device reports the number of bites and chews per meal. It is cloud-connected and provides the nutritional content of the food consumed.

In our design process, we developed a full product ecosystem.
We wanted to create an innovative and prestige design that will fit our users’ lifestyle and usage scenario.
Our main goal was to create a versatile device that will fit multiple ears, considering the current hardware. We created various configurations until we found the right one.


Our inspiration; products and things we love and appreciate

Prime original

In this project, we looked at elegant products with sharp forms to create a prestige and modern design.


nendo designs series of IoT home appliances around a simple white bowl

kieron marchese

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