Product, Design, Technology – Issue #46

SunZee; Your sun body

Prime original
SunZee is a wearable dispenser designed for reapplication of sunscreen.
They wanted their first product to be a fashionably designed wristband with a smart capsule that will enable a single hand extraction of a measured sunscreen dose directly to the fingerprints.

Our goal was to develop a new design language for SunZee brand that will fit their user’s active lifestyle.
With the focus of minimal footprint, intuitive & straightforward usage, a waterproof device with as little parts as possible.

Our inspiration; products and things we love and appreciate

Prime original
SunZee users are outdoor athletes, from beginners to professionals. They are exposed to the sun for long periods and are well aware of the sun’s risks and damages. We wanted to create an up to date design with a modern and sportive touch. 

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Natashah Hitti  

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