Product, Design, Technology – Issue #42

Connex; Real-time wireless video

Prime original
The Connex family are HD wireless video modules, of real-time video for video service companies and operators from the broadcast industry. The Connex mini brings a multi-platform solution that can move rapidly from camera to camera with zero latency. 

The family was designed using the iconic hexagon form and a unique pattern that has been established for other products of the brand. 
When we thought about optional materials we chose to use aluminum, that function as a good heatsink and has hi-tech look and feel. 

Our inspiration; products and things we love and appreciate

Prime original
Our users want the latest technology, high-end gear and most of all appreciate and demand the highest quality of video broadcasting products. We wanted our design to reflect a sharp and almost robust visual with a durable look and feel.

Lightyear one is the world’s first long-range solar electric car

Tim Spears 

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