CES 2015 and 5 trends we’re about to see this year.

A visit to CES is always a good opportunity to get a wide perspective on the consumer electronic market and understand the upcoming trends for the year to come. Here’s a shortlist of the most relevant design trends for 2015

1. Back to nature

The first consumer electronic products combined wood, different kind of fabrics and materials that were hand crafted making the product feel more prestige and elegant and have a much stronger appearance.

As the industrial revolution moved forward and the race to minimize production costs emerged, the big brands moved from a complexed hand craft products into injection molded plastic shells and assemblies.

We can see that CES 2015 presents a new ID movement; a combination of wood, fabrics and other natural raw materials with the well-known plastic enclosures. This approach is being widely used in-order to challenge two aspects; establishing a manufacturing advantage against the copycat Chinese brands and creating tech products that will have strong emotional connection to the user and a nostalgic and prestige look and feel.

2. Dynamic video conference

As the world gets smaller and companies and services are getting global more and more people are finding themselves working in a team that doesn’t necessary sits in the same physical place. We can see that the remote team work movement has encouraged companies to create products that solve the usage experience challenges and help to overcome the distance gap.

The new dynamic conference solutions give a fresh approach to the thought of how we are going the interact in the next few years and the existing statistic Skype-like solutions are being replaced by dynamic voice recognition tablets, robotic docking stations and home robots that move around the office. These products will help to re-invent the video conference experience and create a whole new co-working opportunities.

3. Simple, solid  and strong colors

We can see that the minimalistic anodized aluminum CMF that was led by apple during the last years is about to have a serious shake and be bolder, stronger and even scathing.

This trend seems to be the result of an understanding among the tech companies that in order to create products that are perceived as less techy they need to add young, fresh and cool color pallets that will make their product line to be trendy and fashionable.

We can see the implementation of basic and bright colors with a flashy twist that targets younger and more fashion oriented users.

4. IoT customization – the Internet of you

One of the biggest trend of 2014 was the IoT movement and the agenda of connecting every simple object to the Internet gathering data and information from different sensors.

CES 2015 showed us that the IoT products pipeline is getting an interesting shift letting the users customize their IoT sensors to be much more open enabling customers to create Taylor maid IoT experiences that fit their lifestyle and solve their specific needs.

5. Personal standing wheelers

For the past 2 years we can see that electronic personal transportation has been growing in huge numbers gaining more users every year and becoming a real commodity in terms of price point and total addressable market.

The Segway technology was for sure the spark that enabled this trend to grow and today standing wheelers are becoming less complex and expensive and we’re sure that in the next years we are going to see a lot of those two wheelers and CES 2016 will be a great opportunity to see the evolvement of this.

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