Through powerful technology, Motionize™ gives kayakers a world class personal coach that goes with them every time they head out onto the water. Like most sports, paddlesport—kayaking, Canoe Sprinting, Rowing, SUP— is all about technique. Motionize is dedicated to the belief that accurate motions lead to good performance. Motionize’s advanced algorithm provides Real Time feedback to help you train healthier, increase motivation and make paddle sport accessible & enjoyable.

The Challenge

Following to an ispiring framing phase  and a deep understanding of the user and the usage environment, we understood that the main challenge of the develpoment will be to create a strong and durable system that will stand the harsh usage and environmental requirements while offering streamlined design and UX.



The paddle link was designed with a real understanding of the user and the usage environment; The mounting method, the system interface, the component rigidity and the holistic approach towards the physical and digital touch points provided the users with a first time experience and enhanced their performance and training from the first use.

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